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We’ve introduced Primary accounts

AUTHOR: The Product team at Griffin

What’s changed?

We’re rolling out a new type of operational account called the Primary account. This account is for your own funds.

You can identify your Primary account by the bank icon beside its name, as shown in the screenshot below.

Your Primary account is always created by default and can be renamed. We will close it when you are fully offboarded from Griffin. For more details, check our Primary account guide.

Why have we done it?

In the live environment, your Primary account has two important functions:

  • Automatic billing: We collect your monthly fees from this account.

  • Interest payments: We pay any interest you earn on safeguarded funds or commission earned on other products into this account.

Your Primary account should help simplify your financial operations when you go live with Griffin.

We’ve also made it available in sandbox because we strive to keep sandbox and live environments perfectly aligned, making sure you have a seamless transition if you decide to go live

How will it affect your sandbox?

We’ll be opening a new Primary account for you. We’re rolling this out gradually, so you may not see the Primary account in the UI or API immediately, but you don’t need to do anything on your end

How will it affect your live organisation?

You will now have a Primary account. This does not add any fees to your plan.

Thanks for reading! You'll be hearing from us again soon.

In the meantime, you can start testing our products right away when you sign up for our sandbox.

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We’re always working to improve our products and enhance your experience. Stay tuned for more updates!

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