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Risk rating history for customers onboarded via Verify now available

AUTHOR: The Product team at Griffin

What’s changed?

You can now see the history of risk rating changes for an individual legal person onboarded via Verify. This history can be accessed through our new endpoint and via our app.

The risk rating history events can be accessed via our new endpoint /v0/legal-persons/{legal-person-id}/history and the fields available against each event are:

  • legal-person-history-event-type: risk-rating-registered (represents risk rating generated by a risk assessments and overridden risk rating)

  • timestamp: date-time of the event

  • risk-rating: low, medium, high, prohibited

  • previous-risk-rating: (optional field) low, medium, high, prohibited

  • notes: (optional field) the actual user notes representing the rationale to change the risk rating

  • manually-created-by: (optional field) returns “ops-user” that represents the user that overrode the risk-rating

A new field latest-risk-rating-url has also been added to the legal-person response.

How will this affect existing integrations?

Existing integrations will not be impacted.

Why have we done it?

We have added a history view to make it easier for you to keep to track of any changes and key events relevant to an individual legal person, initially showing changes made to any risk rating. The release of this new endpoint acts as the first step in providing you with an audit trail.

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