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New payments API data model and webhook events

AUTHOR: The Product team at Griffin

What's changed?

We’ve redesigned our Payments API to improve compatibility with Faster Payments and to futureproof it for new schemes on our roadmap.

We’ve also added webhooks for payment events, so you can get immediate notifications about payment creations and updates. This allows you to keep your users up-to-date on the status of their payments and quickly take actions in response to payment activities.

To view a complete list of all event notifications sent, use our events API.

How will this affect existing integrations?

This update includes several breaking changes, and backward compatibility for the previous version of the API is not supported. You will need to make some adjustments to your existing integrations to continue using the API.

Breaking changes

  • Redesigned payments data model. We’ve entirely redesigned the data model, introducing new and renamed fields and two additional entities to capture detailed payments processing information.

    • Payments: This now represents immutable payment attributes, such as creditor, debtor, and value.

    • New entities: 'Admissions' for inbound payments and 'submissions' for outbound payments, detailing scheme-specific attributes and processing statuses of payments.

  • Payment scheme specification. When submitting a payment, use the payment-scheme field to specify the scheme (currently only Faster Payments is supported). If unspecified, the API will default to Faster Payments.

  • Removed feature. Listing payments by payees has been removed.

New additions

  • Enhanced payment flexibility. You can now send payments to a Griffin account ID, or use a sort code and account number, via the API.

Important: Confirmation of Payee is not currently supported. Ensure you use the correct account number and sort code when making a payment.

To learn more about our Payments API, read our API reference.

Why have we done it?

This update futureproofs the Payments API for upcoming payment schemes and provides more flexibility in how payments are initiated.

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