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Breaking changes and new additions to the Transactions API

AUTHOR: The Product team at Griffin

What's changed?

We've enhanced our Transactions API to provide a richer set of data, more querying parameters, and new fields to support upcoming transaction types, such as fees and interest.

How will this affect existing integrations?

This update includes several breaking changes, and backward compatibility for the previous version of the API is not supported. You will need to make some adjustments to your existing integrations to continue using the API.

Breaking changes:

  • Update any references from account-balance-result to account-balance.

  • Update any references from account-balance-change to balance-change.

  • The value fields for balance-change and account-balance no longer support negative values. Adjust your logic to use absolute values.

  • The value-datetime field and query parameter have been removed; when listing transactions, these will now be retrieved by post-datetime. Replace any references to value-datetime accordingly.


  • Transactions now have unique IDs as a transaction-url.

  • Transactions will display a type in balance-change-origin-type (this can be one of payment, fee, or interest).

  • Transactions will have a balance-change-direction indicating if the transaction is a credit or a debit on the account.

  • account-transactions can be retrieved by date range, and by dates greater than (or equal to), less than (or equal to) or equals to modifiers.

To learn more about our Transactions API, check our API reference.

Why have we done it?

This update gives you a richer dataset with more detailed insights and enables easier data querying. We’ve also added fields to set the stage for new functionality, so you’re ready for all future updates.

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